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Travel jungle poetry of Kalenga Rema Bangladesh

The road is not end. Many members of the team presence trembling in the chest. Especially Abu Sama and Sohag are no calculation. There is a continue lack between them journey and destination. This lacking no effect on the speed of our journey. Browse deeper into the jungle us, beyond a few hours after. The east-west, north-south is nothing there.

Ratargul swamp forest

Ratargul swamp forest, a new travel destination of Bangladesh, situated in Sylhet district by the river of Goain. This evergreen forest is getting submerged under 20 to 30 feet water in some part during rainy season. Bangladesh.

It is lost in the deep jungle a great occasion for us prepared. However, you do not lost if anyone wish. However, all aspects presence of losing forests at Kalenga!It was not bad waiting for the morning moment to reach the Sayestaganje at three o’clock. So get off here at night, it was allow.

To plan a visit in the kolenga forest with Tanvir brothers  facing a barrier how we get information to go the forest.At last we reached to help a group of Facebook travelers of Bangladesh. Five years ago, to visit RemaKalenga.

One emigrant brother of U.S.A was cooperation with our information. We got the Chunarughat road before sunrise. We enjoyed autumn morning of traditional village after leaving the Chunarughat. The gentle rays of the sun is fall rice garden changing the shape.

Starting early in the morning our tour for safari. The sight of the forest through the gate into the deep depths of the forest more. Meanwhile, there is no human house. There are only filled with dense jungle. Twitter of birds hearing somewhere. Coming to the deep forest someone who are presence fear in the heart that we would not be able to get out of the jungle.

There were met some indigenous people early. For catching fish from any canal some people nets by the neck walk in jungle path of the forest. Abdur Rahman is just to guide the landscape of the forest-our turn to turn.

Without the guide, go to this forest means getting lost in the forest that stands just shoot.Suddenly we had stop to a place see the monkeys play.Only monkey is an animals, which can give joy to people in different tactics. Even, open in the field. Hanuman and Squirrel are the main wild animals of Kalenga forest like the monkey.

The Kalenga forest is situated under Thana Chunarughat Habiganj district along the Indian border. The name of another forest Rema is situated just east of the southern end of the range. The area of this forest is 1 thousands of 795 hectares. In 1996 as called for wild animals in the forest, there are many species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The unique diversity of plants makes the forest.

Dense jungle, spinach and water trampling of some canal passed by, we arrived at a place where the border of India starts from. Set up a pillar in 1954 at the border, which on the one hand write down Bengali writing and opposite site written English language India. Near a wire fence.travel In kalenga bangladesh

To visit India in the forest last take another way. This road is more diverse and friendly. Go through this the road, we remembered that the famous Bhagalpur in Bihar in the forest. Bibhutibhushan Bondapaday written stories of real experience of the forest and its inhabitants in his Aronok novel.

Satyacaran went to work in the Bhagalpur forest. And we’re travel in kalengaya, to see the wild animals.

Frigging entellus and Hanuman glasses are the main attraction of Rema-Kalenga. Usually  people living the places who live near them. Basically, we were looking forward to seeing Hanuman can be called. I saw one place.

No sooner had they saw men than they climb up thelong brunches of tree. So it is hard task of taking pictures of their. Hanuman is seen in the Rema-Kalenga in Bangladesh and also seen only in the Kamalganjn Lawachara forest.

Meanwhile, farmers are not happy fed up with monkey’s violence in the forest. For saving the rice garden from the monkey group, farmers passed their day times in the rice garden. Such is the case in the forests of the Tripura, we got some farmers and made them for some time. We also got some time for taking rest there.

To be recovered in the afternoon to eat lunch in the resort of the cosmos passed out. Now we started a journey in the western part of the forest. This site of the forest has so density. Walking along the narrow path in the dense jungle, we played with Hanuman the game of hide and seek in the few places.

Their dexterity fascinates tourists. Gradually, the day is over. But somewhere the sun disappeared. Like a silent way through the jungle was interest matter! Sometimes I think,

Safari is not in the jungles of Africa. Crossing the forest is the Hooghly tea estate. The guide took goodbye to reach us to there.

The forest did not want to say goodbye, but never mind. If you were to spend a night here, perhaps will be travelling time is so long. He did not have any dark night or fill of moon lit night. But it did not happen during the visit. Compelling came back through in the middle of the tea gardens name the Srimongle.

How you will go:

Get off the bus or by train from Dhaka to Shylet and point  sayestagone in Habiganj. If you want to take a bus to choose the unique R EnaParibahan may be good. You got CNG from where and you reached the gate of Kalenga from going the Chunarughat.

Knowing information:

There are several trails to visit in the forest of Rema Kalenga. Trail is like choosing a full day. To stay in the forest, the forest department bungalow is remain at Kalenga. The forest outside the cosmos.

Resort. For staying the forest department bungalow is to be allowed the local forest department. With food and water, and dry food is need to visit in the forest, don’t forget it. Remember, this forest is an invaluable resource. So, the forest and the forest animals to refrain from any acts that damage.


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