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The Valley City

The Valley City

Kathmandu drawn 9 miles east of the city. The highest mountain range from where to get started, just before her stood the ancient city level. Once it was known as bhatagamo. Now they know the name of Bhaktapur. We have come a long way at the Gate of the city, the wind has already hoo. Fly mixed with snow from the Himalayas and set vibrating air. Two giant domes adorned with a lion at the gate of the city. The Sphinx guarding the Pyramid of the pair looks like a lion.

This pair was created by two lions mighty King of bhatagamoya craftsman had cut off two hands. The statue is unique, so that he cannot make it! “In fact, we have seen, although there is no longer such a beautiful sculpture of a lion rampant Nepal.

Numerous temple in the city. Rajesh Shiva temple set up in front of everyone. The temple was built in the shape of Animal spouse in Nepal. Other temples is composition, beauty is absolutely different. However, this is why Shiva temple like the PashupatiNath temple?

Rajesh Shrestha told to wake up question, “This is a dream bhatagamo he was instructed, the shape of the city for good PashupatiNath another would be to build a temple.   So he was very careful to establish in front of the palace, the temple of Pashupati. Animal sacrifice rituals in front of the temple is still the source is given. “

We have 10 people in total. See-that it is scattered. If you are like many different people, If you like 10 to 10 people, what is no longer in doubt! Mithila is not interest on the temple. So when we see the zeal of the temple sculpture creams, then Mithila rajesaes gold door. Almost two and a half billion years ago, around 1753 the Golden Gate was built by Raja Ranjit. He made the door of war as a symbol. Mithila go ahead and give a hand to the door of the Gorkha army stopped the door. We went into the palace through the Golden avoid Gate Guard. Inscription can seen, mallaraja iyakasa palace founded in 1427. Bhupatindra another round of the 17th century, the palace was expanded. 550-year-old palace, 55 window also known as the Palace. High pedestal in front the building king Bhupatindrera golden statue. Long standing proudly. Tired of seeing around the body, but the mind is not tired. Another companion who brought the news again, “Here curd is renowned. Do not it life in vain. Ishrat was a puppet of us nodded. cannot be ignored two people like this. While on the weak they are a great gourmand. Therefore, the curd drinks. Fretful pal, smell like ordinary drink before, he most common one stall to the sweltering taste of yogurt jar wandered with a smile. We are again in the streets of the city of gluttony recovered. On the Way, Elephant Temple, Kedarnath, Rameshwar, badarinatha, and saw the move Gopinath Temple. Violent armed Chandi and Bhairab violent Black stone statue. Our pace was slow. Once Seeing the sun goddess back bhatasala. The ancient temple is farther from the long shadow slowly. Finished the journey, now continue back to the city. Bhaktapurera blinking eyes filled with memories.

How to go
Nepal’s capital Kathmandu last year around the country were affected by the earthquake. Nepal’s traditional elders in three cities Bhaktapurera is the least damage. There are still major temples and buildings. A few days ago the city has been reopened for general tourists. So go now, there is no bar Kathmandu city in a little way from Tribhuvan airport. Thamele majority of tourists spent the night. Thamela to Nepal  easier to navigate around. However, wherever, you can go directly to the bus to neighboring Bhaktapur. Took the ticket and get into the valley city.


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