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Takes more time run the computer?

 If more time takes to run the computer automatically to be a lot more programs or “Startup Items” have become active. This thing is very simple matter.

In the using of computer gradually different type of software installed as a result these software entered into start-up list. When  the computer turned naturally same program run at the same time.

As a result a lot of time left fully suited to the work to be done on the computer. So it is a little disturbed. Following the introduction of some certain aspects, the computer time can be reduced.

Many of these problems were fallen. This would reduce the speed of the computer, however, any new software is installed on the computer is no solution.Takes more time run the computer?

Any program can be automated list?

Some programs of the computer are automated way. Most of them antivirus program, firewall or security apps, Bengali writing software, system or battery monitoring program, the message exchange software (Example Skype), cloud based App (example Drop box, Drive One), and so on.

How to stop it? Enter by pressing Windows Key + R continues run and write msconfig and click OK. When system configuration window will be start, select above the Startup tab.

Which program start itself naturally when starting on the computer is going to get here a list? Unnecessary programs remove from the list of startup programs and click.

 How understand which is unnecessary?

You can keep the antivirus program, graphics or any other software that you need when the computer switch on instantly, others can delete. After OK, restart the computer (restart) will receive a message.

 Restart the computer (restart). Thus, the system can reduce the time you start the computer from the startup items reduced. It is best, after installing any software on the computer to enter its properties, turn off the option of the automatic time.

If you have installed Skype option from the Tools menu, and then unchecked from start Skype When I Start Windows option. Thus, the automatic options are excluded from the programs and next time startup item will not be added again.

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