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The Sundarbans of water and forest……….

The Sundarbans of water and forest

The Greens party in the place that is never old, where by all day does not fly a little dirty white skin feathers of Heron, playing hide and seek with his mother in the eyes of the leaves in the team of the naughty monkey, the name of the place is called the Sundarbans.

 Karnelroot of Light-darken the forest tiger walking every day to took challenge four deer flock, time of tide of the ebbs in the forest to hide the gray crocodile’s small child dipped down a little shaken again in the air is soft and tied making hair moving breeze forest trees, their branches to the movement of a snake.The Sundarbans of water and forest

 The Sundarbans is called as a pretty scary place where go to the body to stimulate all senses of human body, continue on the run with severe tension and curiosity associate with heat chest. There are attractions such as the tiger and the deer in the forest. In the same way, there is remaining wonder and eye touches love.

If you enter the forest, you needs the permission of the forest department, that someone cannot enter here if minds wants. However, the forest can be accessed any special occasions is arranged. Rasmela is one of them.

Originally, Ras Mela is held attached with sea name dubalaracare. This care is very funny. Here’s present bottom limit of water in six months, and six months dry shelf. Local fishermen come here for six month and fish dry twig.

Travel in sundarbonDubalaracare position is journey through the sea after camp, Sundarbans forest Nilakamol. Last year cause of this Mel awe had the opportunity through the forest with a engine boat. We got into the kingdom of Bengal Tiger by hiring a gorgeous and a new boat with group of 20 latabahar from Munshiganj district.

We will sit all day with silent mood on the boat, not the way in the forest. Right next to the horns of the deer appears and the left-hand side appears the pig team with surprised, to point the camera on the bank the old crocodile come up pushing muddy salt water for warm its body in the light of sun.

 Curious removes suddenly while monkey moving up and down in the trees. With an air of wise just two hand distance to see us the different colors of kingfisher. This forest has never us as alone surprise and curious forest in the whole world, ever seen a snake and I am crying,like seen  a young deer and sometimes stayed at sweet her face.

travel in sundarbonFrom monkeys jumped in the Bamdara mite ever roamed themselves, sometimes at the sight of the dolphin as a better understanding of the telescope, have tried to find out  a figure what is really. This three-day journey by boat joined us name less hundreds of white egret and colorful birds.

In the Sundarbans, the night forest cheneary is more beautiful than the sunlight forest. Filling the air when they are sleeping, they are preparing count the stars while toking Firefly incest all the attention. The strange thing had never seen in whole life that stars showed us.

All Firefly is twinkling on a certain tree.the next two to three the number of trees in the dark set up meeting Firefly again, the two of them have no interest in the tree, but the tree next to the third again gathered.

From a distance, it looks like many of the Christmas tree burning and stopping.At the office of Nilakamale, I see a tiger at early morning in the forest, running two swine like a king of the forest. No situation to  see the view,for saving life to run swiftly to the Watch Tower, they was fascinated by all morning mist scenery that sundarbons is wrapping sheet.

When we reached at the midday. Rightly night Fair dance-music so organized starting since the morning. Hundreds of stalls displayed like Baisakhi fair. Start at the Music Hall and joined with some young to returned from the city singing with rhythm. The night was wonderful moonlight night, the sea was full moon, wTravel in sundarbonhich had spread the light of dawn until the sun rises.

Sea Beach of Dubalarchor is totally  the beach of soft and silent mood, as far as the eye reached to see able all the rows of coconut,and the sand of the sea shore surrounded by dump. The bank has developed credit sutakipalli area.The whole of the island is heavy with the smell air of dried fish. At the same time birds gathered matching for dry food.

If you want to see the full Sundarbans, Rasmelaia a good chance. If you go to the middle of the forest will have to go through.  Like every year, Mela will be held on November 4 and 5 this year. Dublar Char is decorated, prepared for surprises new visitors and treasures to store of sunderbans. Go to the Rasmela has two lanes.

 The first one was Nilakamal Dublar Char from Munshiganj district. And another to the port Kotka from Mongla Beach. There are boats and trawlers go to the Mela season. At first you pass the entrance of the forest that boat has an extra pass. Taking hired a full boat increase cost of the boat. So as a team go to the Sundarbans as a work of intelligent.

There are some beauty not see alone.The beauty of all is to see. Three-day boat journey and try not to sleep at night only sleep during the day. Because Sundarbans wake up at night.

The sky is full of stars said a word that expressed over beautiful. Well, any mobile network absent in Dubalarchore, so everybody go to with full preparation. The most important thing is to go through the forest, not create loud sound of Mike because it hampers the normal development of the animals. Don’t through waste in the forest. Do not do anything harmful to the tiger.

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