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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimization

You created a site that was full of many informative and hoped that you will get thousands of visitors, but you failed. Now an important task left that give your site hundreds of thousands visitors that’s name is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

There are many search Engine in the world. The most famous example is Google, then Yahoo, Bing etc. If anyone want to learn HTML in English version, he will search to write typing in English “HTML tutorial” to Google. Because he may not know HTML tutorial in English, which any website address.

Now suppose you have a website where by has remain HTML tutorial in English. Now giving Google search write “HTML tutorial”. It may be good if it show on Google’s first page of the Google search would be even better if it show the first page of your site, then you can be sure that the user must be visit your site who was search to typing “HTML tutorial”.


This is a site that Google showed first. But there are many English HTML tutorial sites like blogs, forums etc. In spite of many sites, Google showed that a site in the first page where present some strategies in the site was taken. Such type of techniques is called search Engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine optimization (SEO) are mainly two types:

  1. on pages (which are inside the site, such as the title tag, content, keywords, etc. to be relevant)

  2. off pages (which are outside the site, such as blogs, forum postings)

At first on- page SEO tutorial remain then Off-Page SEO in Hints Mart site.

Here are just present organic search Engine optimization (Organic SEO) tutorial And paid search SEO Tutorial .

Paid search Engine optimization:

Sometimes you will see when you search in Google’s search results above or the right sight of different colors (usually light brown) contains some links (given search that words are related closely). Such as paid link means for that money is provide to Google. This type of Optimization is called paid SEO (Paid SEO).

Organic search Engine optimization:

The links that appear in Google search results page normally, there are not highlight with special colors such as Organic link. This type of Optimization is called Organic SEO (Organic SEO). It also called Elegrid mic SEO.

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