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The primary task for converting HTML Template INTO WordPress them

The primary task for converting HTML Template INTO WordPress them

Inform welcome and cordial love to everybody in the first part of a full free chain course on “WordPress leader” the advance WordPress development. Hints Mart is the largest Bangle Social Network in the world. To become happy can be started the course named ‘word press leader’ by the direct help of  Hints Mart like a type of big platform.

Publication of Course “WordPress master “Later publishing Hints mart we are seeing that curious, it will be help to perform nicely. We are expecting to participate everybody. Today in the first step, we will be describe about the primary task how HTML Template turn into WordPress them.The primary task for converting HTML Template INTO WordPress them

This course is part of the preparation of the services:

  • Local Server and the Web server must have a basic idea.

  • HTML and CSS have good idea.

  • jQuery plugins will know how to use it.

  • will know how to install WordPress.

  • knowing how to use WordPress.

HTML template converts into WordPress theme

Firstly creating any web site a Photoshop design is needed necessary which is called PSD template. Then HTML, CSS and  jQuery plugins are used to convert PSD into web template. Next task needs a WordPress developer that is the principle of our course.

After getting an HTML template, a WordPress developer what to do that is discuss today. Advantage of discussion, we will consider two fictitious characters both them one is WordPress master Mr.W and the other name Mr. Baltumiya junior of him.

After many attempts, Baltumiya failed to learn WordPress and got information about WordPress master Mr. W ‘sat the end. Baltumiya came to Mr. W. said, ‘sir’ ‘I want to learn WordPress to you’. Sir answered ‘okay’. Sir became happy getting Baltumiya as a caretaker.

How to start a WordPress theme development for that Mr. W. Mia gave some guidance to Baltumiya on the subject. Let’s take a single look at the HTML template convert into WordPress theme in case of our primary work out what to do.

HTML template converts into WordPress theme for our initial steps to do something

  • Chose an HTML template.

  • WordPress will be installed.

  • Generally the WordPress installed wp-content \ themes of security is the central theme. The HTML template should be.

  • Index.php and style.css will be remaining in the every theme of WordPress.

  • Index.html of the HTML template will be index.

  • Style.css if you absent, style.css to be made.

  • You must create a functions.php file and the code of functions.php of will start the <? php and end with you?>.

  • jQuery call remain in HTML template if you must be delete. JQuery with WordPress is the default. WordPress and jQuery will be used.

To use the WordPress default jQuery will connect functions.php file.

/* adding Latest jQuery from WordPress */

Function call _wp_latest_jquery() {



add_action(‘init’, ‘call_wp_latest_jquery’);


  • There is no script to be $ if jQuery used by jQuery Replace

  • HTML template <title> ………… </ title> will

<title><?phpbloginfo(‘name’); ?> | <?phpbloginfo(‘description’); ?> | <?phpwp_title(); ?></title>

  • The themes of Css file to be used for the dynamic directory.

<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>



<link href=”style/css/main.css” rel=”stylesheet”>


will be


<link href=”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/style/css/main.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

*  Style.css will be used for dynamic.

<?phpbloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?>


<link href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Will be

<link href=”<?phpbloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); ?>” rel=”stylesheet”>

  • The various functions activate the Head of Section <? Phpwp_head (); ?> Will use. <? Phpwp_head(); ?>will be connect before </head>.

  • HTML template to be used for dynamic image <? Php echo get_template_directory_uri (); ?>


<imgsrc=”style/images/logo.png” alt=”” />

Will be

<imgsrc=”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/style/images/logo.png” alt=”” />

  • The themes of js file to be used for the dynamic directory.

<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/




<script src=”<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/style/js/scripts.js”></script>

  • Various function to be activate in the footer section.

<?phpwp_footer(); ?>

         will be used.

<?phpwp_footer(); ?>

will be connect before the </head>.

  • Style.css will be started with similar blew the code

/*Theme Name: My WordPress URI: http://sitename.com/my_wordpress_themeAuthor: Sakir ahmed Author URI: http://authorsitename.com


Version: 1.0


  • A screenshot image of 600px x 450px will be taken in the theme directory, which will come as a screenshot of the theme, and the theme will be active in time.

In every step of course for active participants will be some questions, project or special something. These courses are completed to confirm your action. The group of judge related to this course will be verify and will provide the necessary guidance.

WordPress master [Episode -01] To Do

Today the code is to be discussed with these codes index.php, style.css and functions.php file.

Wpmaster_task01_YourName.zip creating together you take care Dropbox or by adding a comment to mediafire.

That’s all for today. Good luck to everyone.


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