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 Needle-thread stitch

‘If a vast city make in the Barren desert of gray chest is less important than a life to succeed. Needle-thread stitch


Before learning to read this line, I met with this line. But I have not read this line on the book. Rather saw her grandmother’s hand suci task binding that was hanging on the wall of the house in the village. The architecture of Suci himself knew what names of that poet!

Fashion Needle-thread stitchThe embroidery can be found in many homes in our villages. It can be found in Cupboard or trunk. ‘How sad, how happy, how happy, how much noise, much dispute, the offense cannot meant by language. Painter Kamrul Hasan wrote about the article, the essence of folk. ‘If a vast city make in the Barren desert of gray chest is less important than a life to succeed’.

Painter Kamrul Hasan wrote about the article, the essence of folk. The traditional grades are suci Industry like Jamdani, muslin or silk. The exhibition took place in the big fashion houses from the outreach to rural women rural. When baraphi phar was woven into a dense bank, it is called Kata baraphi. There are at least ten different variety of eye-pari. Thankuni leaf, kalamilata, cones of flowers, Moringa oleifera are appeared came through the needle fabric background. One region of Khejurkatai is transfer into the fishbone of another region.

Again that Phor is recognized as internationally herringbone. This information does not know to consumers. Still, they attract a lot of clothes to the task at hand. Price increasing, also decrease beating the previous Bahar, or the design of the clothing found, but they are beyond the purchasing capacity of middle-class buyers. Some of the country’s compliance with the demands, the shoppers has sustained of the task at hand. Fashion experts gave the same optimism, like most things; there is no risk of losing out on the tradition. Rather, it adds even more variety.
This year “Symphony of the needle work’’ named an exhibition was held in June. The fashion house Bibiyana Fashion Needle-thread stitcharrangement a exhibition with public interest and said clothing design, machine embroidery or print, they struck on the clothes, however, will apply to the task at hand all the time. I talked Lipi Kondoker the organizers. Clothing design to the task at hand will become at high prices, knowing that the customer tried to collect something in their purchasing capacity.
 Aarong gives the priority hand task in their products from the beginning of their organization. Salwar-kameez in the hand work of Aarong became popular by the effort of Chandra Saha, Mahin Khan Designer. They did not back down from that genre. Rather being added it more diversity at this time. The price is to be tried in different ways to reach the consumer. Example If that does not work the attire but was keeping a job in the hata. It was reduced by the costs. Rabbi informed the senior designer of Arong.
Laipi Kondoker as a fashion designer began from the Arong.  Later organized own Bibiyana. From the beginning, their salwar-kameez, saris, Punjabi with all kinds of dress are present in the cotton. “Lately, many people told me why I do not see the same clothes as Bibiyana. I too felt that all prepare and attention to the needle-thread.
Our product line has brought a new kind of clothing. After exhibition, get response from the buyers. This new collection will bring for this situation, “he said.
A lot of using bayan industry in suchi industry in india. Yarn in Gujarat, Rajasthan work in arir, lustrous work in laksnauyer, work cambara handkerchief, insertion of Punjab, Bengal katha silpa, all the region of rich suci silpo highlight. (Source: the simple and in genious of bangla, Sheila Basak)

‘Quilt sewing sight is now coming up in many ways on the dress, “said Lipi Khandaker. The new design is making of the perforation of the mix in the same attire. Like the whole share is design of the pulse perforation to add a little with her cross stitch, fish stitch or tie. Again to draw a border around the apron counterpane filled with the pulse is called perforation. Kashmiri fill, stitch button, Kajur kata mixture is make the fashionable long jacket. Subtle application work in white clothes on white muslin sari is great nobility.

Aarong, mayasira, forests, and Bibiana was visiting the fashion house and saw, which is reflected in the task at hand, is not very well design and color. There is a thread that contrasts with the color of the fabric. High color or Kantraste maybe take away attention from the work of fine line. Perhaps the designers are avoiding the use of expensive color from thoughts. Instead, yarn is more emphasis practically. ………..

Fashion Needle-thread stitch Sari or salwar-kameez has entered. There is appealing the boy’s Panjabi task at hand appreciation. Maya Rah man says the designer of dressy dell. “Machine Embroidery or jaradausi bright does not like the idea the boy. They took the Panjabi the design of yarn, “he said. In this winter clothes, cotton crepe design tusser and said that many viewed.

Though whole the country the task at hand, but some region is famous for its special work. Like, Aarong works with applike artists such as with the district. Katha stitch is like Sherpur, Jamalpur, Jessore, Kushtia-known from the designer Shahina Rabbi.

 The big fashion houses as well as small enterprises are trying to take the collection to the hand Fashion Needle-thread stitchtask. The wide is quite well, Shahid Hossain said the fashion designer, as a member of Bangladesh National Crafts Council.

From next year, name, design, territory, etc. will be taken from the council and inform he. But the museum is not a prisoner, we would like to encourage artisans to continue this work,” he said.


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