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what is the matter of freelancing? Part 1

In this age of online unemployed is more than a word is not fit. Because, Online has brought the world the corner of the room. Now it is sitting at home and abroad with his nearest people in the video conversation, From today, which is only 3 years ago it is impossible to people and unbelievable that was succeeding. Now, less educated people in the village to the intimate. Internet communication is a huge discovery. After coming up short in the Internet world have come to a big change. As well as small companies, large companies around the world are starting to think, all the staff for their work with the office does not need to install them. They plan to reduce costs in various countries around the world began to take people out of work, there are other countries who are not in at office all can be done at home. Online it was so easy, for which I can’t now no longer need to leave your own country, your own familiar environment, away from friends and relatives near and dear to the left to be economically self-reliant.  Now people are employed in large companies at home. The number of this day is increasing more and more in front will increase.  Because there are still going to have to work online which is that there is a problem, granted is going to remove slowly. Online at it has been working to develop their career, they are saying Freelancer. And such works are freelancing.what is the matter of freelancing

I understand from the above, what is freelancing? If it is clear from the above is true, then maybe the people come in to remove misconceptions about freelancing.

Some common misconceptions about freelancing:

– Somewhere somehow unable to earn, then freelancing final destination.
– Freelancing means working place Upwork, Elance, Freelancer, Fiver, People Per Hour, SEO Clerk  etc.

– To Freelancing is not too much to qualify.
– Freelancing is to have great talents.
– Freelancing as well the part-time job or education, not FT.

– The service is always guaranteed money coming in, but it is uncertain freelancing.

– As foreigners do not know English can’t be a Freelancer

– Freelancing can be read without knowing.

– 7 days or 1 month is enough of preparation to start freelancing

– PayPal account must be in your name to start freelancing.

–  Going to the training center to learn how to be freelancing.

– If you do not science student can’t income from freelancing.

Freelancing is the more popular of these things need to be discussed. The next phase will discuss the issue.

There are usually many ways to earn from the Internet, again has cheating.  So be careful on the way to. If you get consult experts to can be successful. You need not to go abroad now without job, Income of more than 15,000- million a month at home can be from freelancing. We’ll write the article in a series of online income in a variety of ways. But a click one million dollars or sing up 50 thousand US dollars to take action, Here’s something you will not get. 1st episode I’ll say, those who want to be rich overnight, they do not wasting valuable time in the series. Remember, PTC, Ad Click is passing income, and sometimes it’s a fancy way of cheating.

To be successful freelancing is very important for the following qualifications:

– Must love the work, not money.
– Freelancing is not a part-time just full-time career as to start thinking.
– Communication skills freelancing raises a lot of success.
– Will be in English as well, will be more successful.
– The more things will be more efficient, more able to be successful.
– Always more and more skills to be addiction to increase.
– That is more dependent on Google, the more chances of success.
– Lives depend on the Internet to be able to be successful freelancing.
– You can’t be successful in anything without strong willpower.
– Patience is very important for the power sector.

Need to know, without any kind of qualification, it will not last long time. People are much more cost efficient freelancing.  For skilled people from the online 1 to 2 lakh Taka income is a very normal incident. Your academic background or your age will be not any kind of obstacle. Women in this country or disabled people who have to go to the outside of the house to work hard, as well as men can learn Freelancing is also a great role in the economy of the family.

Which sectors do you want to start freelancing?

Have lots of questions about the starters.  The issue of the new start have a lot of questions in there. But we will follow a way it is not able to take the decision. You have to find the answer himself. However, since the concept of freelancing matters less, so I’m trying to say here briefly the main issues.  The next phase will bring the details of each series. Try to read each episode.

There is a chance to get online, the more work that these groups are as follows:

Graphic Design,
Affiliate marketing,
 Web Design,
 Email – Marketing,
Apps Development,
Video editing,
Article Writing, etc.

Graphic Design:

Any company logo and other printing brusiyara graphic designers create all same products. Again, at the beginning of any web design or video editing or animation with special needs graphic designers. Even the SEO Project special graphic designers help is needed. At least enough information Graphic Designers, how demand for understanding.


Most of the people in their Google search to find the necessities. Google’s reliance on the work of human life is much easier. If a company’s service or product in front of potential consumers can bring the time of the search, then the service will increase the chances of selling. It’s called search engine optimization. Short name SEO. At present the dependency online has increased due to all the company for spreading of their service is the most commonly used in Online. SEO experts have to rely on for business improvement. SEO experts work areas so many more.

Affiliate Marketing:

With the permission any institute if their marketing and each product or service to sell a portion of the money received it is Affiliate Marketing. Many large international companies to enlarge their business more affiliate marketing system has been introduced. The Amazon affiliate, click the bank affiliate is much more popular.

Web Development:

Every modern organization’s website has become a very important issue. Besides being made online news portals, TV, community sites, blog etc. more different types of sites. According to estimates of 562 per minute around the world launched the new website. This information will hopefully easy to understand the potential of web development. Web Design related activities market rate per hour is more than graphics or SEO related work.

Email Marketing:

Online marketing is a very important means of e-mail marketing. Income market place, affiliate marketing success or own or other businesses can learn it for promotions. Graphic or web design work in order to earn a lot of e-mail marketing knowledge will come in handy.

Apps Development:

They have Programming idea, I always advise to learn application development. This means that increase in the use of smart phones is increasing the demand for apps developers. There will be a lot of demand for this sector in the future. This kind of market competition is low and the rate per hour is much more.

Video Editing:

Those who know about video editing or creating, they now focus on career online. SEO, AdSense or affiliation income is much better if you know the video editing work. At present a part of some Google search by not the more than YouTube search. This means increasing the search YouTube videos, so editing knowledge is now becoming so important.

Article Writing:

Should have good knowledge of English and writing practice Article is only possible to build a career online as a writer. Article Writing, Rewriting is much more related tasks in the Marketplace. Moreover, Blogging can earn by utilizing the practice.

Some of the main issues I discussed above.
There are many more learning online it is possible to build a good career. 

To get the works there are many different Marketplace. Moreover, using social media, blogging, or via e-mail marketing is to find a buyer.
The next episode of the series Outsourcing of work places will be discussed.

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