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Magic of Jamdani

Magic of Jamdani“I can bring to Alta, theft, Sari of Dhaka, jewelry; what do not you want? Please understand me.”Some of the areas of Dhaka, making Jamdani woven motifs known as the Jamdani Sari, which in modern times has been known as a Jamdani share.

 In report the first line taken from a song the popular Bengali film ‘SUTARANG’. The song is the time of sixties century, but still shining in jamdani appeal to girls of Dhaka. That is ‘magic’ of jamdani. Do not say anything new about the making quality and beauty. Along with the Tradition or culture Fashion Life stylerelationship is eternal.

Pride month of Bengali is December; the victory of month, it is a great achievement for the people in this month, with the involvement of the fabric art. On  4 December of 2013, Bangladesh  is recognized from UNESCO for Jamdani Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property).

The eighth session of the UNESCO Commission, the decision was taken unanimously about ‘the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage’. No doubt, there is a recognition that the glory of victory. In any event, whether domestic or international-Bangladesh Jamdani that represents the first things I remember when thinking about the clothes.Jamdani Fashion

 Rokeya Prachi, actress like native dress, Jamdani is the top position of his list, so it was mostly seen in the jamadani.

“Any other dress of Bangladesh cannot catch up, which could Jamdani, with the involvement of our heritage and culture. Speaking of the fashion or passion, then there is nothing on the Jamdani

I think, for the people of Bengli, rather than the elite clothing, and anything can happen. “Thus Rokia spoke the love of  Jamdani. When she was invited to the Cannes Film Festival, she was still wearing his Jamdani. Jamdani wearing the different colors of jamdani in the festivals, says that one day.

Now what kind of jamdani is selling? Hearing the question, the owner of the Tangail house imadada Munira said jamadanite now has more than one color or two-color combination.

If present gold on the sheree, you can be worn to parties and marriage party, and all its beauty only when the cotton is made of another kind. Now gray, biscuit color, pressed white, baby pink, pistachio, light color like turquoise, Jamdani people are quite like. “Jamdani Fashion Shari

At the time the evaluation was trying to use jamadanite eplika or lacy, very long, however, did not present long time. Jamdani knitter or design something with add new thing that one sponsor is clear of their speech.

 According to Munira Imdat, “If God gave them very beautiful hair, he does not need to wear the wig. Jamadanite the “value-add” try is unlawful. “

 Really, which is already so rich, what else to add on the new price? However,  changing in the passage of time, something changing with the Jamdani, but lost the original appearance of Jamdani, changed its making quality.

Like old fashioned floral motifs were often seen as the design, then the earring, small diaper, bar phi-different type motif added.

Senior director of BRAC’s, enterprise Tamara Abed said, ’’at present anti-motiphgulo being used in jamdani. Used with very little different motif, which is traditional motifs of different levels of Jamdani.

Among the color, most important colors get importance, such as pitch lights, light pink, cream, Beige, pastel shades on. The off-white sari was demand all the time and still demand. However, according to time to change the color of the sari, as well as in the winter dark colors, light colors in summer time, during the whole red, white, etc. “Currently, there is the roan’s sari. Consumers are now more like a one-colored or tonal sharee because he was told.

 Tamara told about Aarong  jamdani collection, we have given importance Jamdani heritage and consumer interests or needs. The beauty of jamdani share appeare enhanced in the collection of ARONG.

He said ,” we introduced the first do the expensive sharee, the Story of 2010 Pride of the exhibition. Through this exhibition, we are sowing the high count yarn gold. And we hope to inspire the young generation wear to Jamdani sharee. “Jamdani Shari Fashion

Jamdani is famous before many years the creation of the bank of the river, the old Sonargaon.  Rupganj, Sonargaon and Shiddhirganj nearly 155 villages are still in the industry Tamara Abed says.
To continuing hundred years of the name placed on the identity of Jamdani in the list of tradition.
The use of multi-colored threads to create a time Jamdani get more popularity.

Come on now, this was reduced using and more use one color or a combination of two contrasting colors Jamdani. As well as being used in herbal colors or chemical colors used in jamdani with together. Once the design was of gold and uttari Jamdani, but now young women have the Jamdani salwar-kamijerao appreciation. Sukhu Barua said,the manager of Handicraft Kumudini.

Undeniable contribution of knitter maker

 Jamdani Share Fashion The eighth Inter-Governmental session was held at UNESCO in Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku on 7 December from 2 to7 December. This session, Bangladesh got Jamdani intellectual property. Maleka Khan, a former president of the Bengali Craft, inform that Bangladesh’s ambassador to the Ministry of Culture and UNESCO, Permanent Representative of France to the Bengali Academy Director General Shamsuzzaman Khan bargains and a team was formed.

Jamdani group was assigned to the intellectual property of the nomination documents. Officially, we achieved our traditional jamadani industry intellectual property rights the meeting on 4December. “
Maleka Khan’s opinion, the time to achieve that, it is definitely good. However, in the month of December any achievement gives more joy at any level to catch the double; whether he is.

 Our achievements in the month of victory in the jamdani intellectual property have increased double. This achievement gives people who are related to Jamdani design and weaving of the succession closely. Knitter who is for decades has been extraordinary creativity, welcome greeting to them. Behind, their contribution is undeniable. Besides, Jamadanike also to reach out to others who are working

Tirelessly, thanks to them,. Now it is our responsibility to make every effort to protect this knitter industry.

Akatari Mumtaz, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Government of Bangladesh informed that, the world’s endangered cultural heritage protection in 2003 UNESCO took an initiative. Bangladesh had agreed to this initiative.Jamdani shari Goverment Certificate

Akatari Mumtaz said, “The conference of UNESCO in 2013 jamadani is included as a part of world culture and heritage.        Before it, there’s plenty of information gather in the matter of jamdani for the presentation of the nomination.

A lot of research, hard work, and then presents the argument that we were able to achieve the recognition of intellectual property rights of Jamdani. It is a matter of pride for us. So far, we have received recognition from Bangladesh baulagan and Jamdani intellectual property. “


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