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10 Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular platform for blogging. At present, most of the bloggers are using WordPress for professional blogging. Hiring good traffic that is based  on WordPress site as important as the eye wash design and SEO to attract visitors to the site loading speed is an important role. When a visitor visits your site because the first few seconds of his attention to emergency or visitors will not stay for a long time to your site, and the bounce will go to another site. Only  the visitors of the site must be bounce rather in case of  the site’s ranking of Google search page load speed is important. So, If you’re not aware to speed the loading of the site today, you are losing visitors to the site over the long-term benefits of SEO will be deprived for long term.

10 Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Given blew name 10 easy tricks to be shared, which follow You can easily increase the speed of your WordPress site:

1.Selecting the best host: Selecting the best host is the most important for WordPress site. Many people use hosted for his WordPress sites on shared bandwidth, thereby limiting the traffic on the site goes low. So in order to increase shared hosting speed should be avoided.

2.Select theme or solid framework: Hearing it , you will be amazed at the default WordPress themes, Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven or phremyarkagulote site takes to load a little faster because they are Framework lights.

3.Use Cash efficient plugins: Above all saying the plugins of WordPress works fairly well but the cache works most in the W3 Total Cache plugin does a much better job in reducing the page load time. There are also many free plugins on WP.org easier to use.

4.Using content delivery network or CDN:

Content delivery network or CDN is a kind of third-party system in which the site to maintain the Map Create files that can increase the loading time of the web page.

  1. Method of image optimize: Speed loading pages in the size of the image is reduced. Yahoo’s image as a site for Smush.it have preserved the original value and reduced size of the image. Besides, there is a free WordPress plugin called WP-Smush It which is automatically optimized in the image site.

6.Optimized homepage of the site:    Normally people would land on the home page of the site loading speed is very important for reducing the home page is optimized. In some ways the home page is optimized blew:

  • Excerpt home page used instead of the entire post-show.

  • In home pages 5-7 is not required to the post.

  • Do not use unnecessary sharing uijageda.

  • Remove the unnecessary plugins.9

  • Hold Minimal home page because readers will come to read your blog, your blog will not be for a thousand uijageda.

In short, the main topics will focus on the homepage is a clean and beautiful only to see rather site loading speed increases.

7.WordPress database optimized: For doing WordPress optimize, the WP-Optimize plugin is to my opinion much better. WP-DB Manager plugin also works good. Originally this plugin database to optimize the schedule date.

8.Hatalinkim content and licim disabled: Generally this  problem arises only when other sites connect to your site is through direct image of the article and that the server load. So if you create a custom image in your site regularly in case it is possible to reduce the site’s loading speed.

9.More amount post:When we are writing a post, receive a break in the middle of a post or at the end of the post for the revision be remain draft. But that post was published at the finish of a full written as it is in draft which reduces loading speed of site.In this case the Revision Control plugin performs well drafted to control post.

10.Lazy load aid for image:Lazy Load is a type of process that is load of post images when the visitor sees scroll down,or during the site load showing the early post. Lazy Load processes together with the loading of the site does not load. So the loading  speed of site is increased.Everybody can used jQuery Image Lazy Load PLUGIN for doing this work automatically.

I hope that reading today’s  article has benefited everybody.This post like if the post must be well.



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