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A job without CV ?

A job without CV ?

If you want to apply a job, you send a resume or CV. But for one’s personal and career details, o two-page paper is not enough? Absolutely not. As the time is changing, cancellation of the old dogmas. Now many companies cancelled the process look at the CV of the staff.A job without CV

New technologies, the opportunity to apply online and the media like LinkedIn is increased of evolution. As a result, the  existence of CV in the job market is becoming more difficult facing! Send CV to get a job, and there are several problems. In the tradition CV, wrong and false information is remain naturally.

Must difficult for a authority seeing the CV of a job seeker and

get correct information about the person who want job. If you are creating a short list of applicants on the basis of the Civil, maybe someone will be out, who was most useful for the post. Do not appear all kinds of information in the CV. And there is another problem in this approach. That is, almost always no verify the information is written in CV. As a result, happen a combination of excess or exaggerated information.

Showing a study in the UK, about one-third of the applicant like to write increasing their ability to write about love.

LinkedIn, a social media, has changed the members of the professional people in this age. The arrangements have been made to verify personal information. As a result, the organization wanted to decision selecting any worker can inquire at LinkedIn profile of job seeker. Thus, to know how the environment is suitable for the workplace, the personal and the experience of people concerned about the comments and recommendations, etc. In this case the limitation of CV is avoid.

During this period, many ways  job application is present. Such as video CV, own website and Twitter. Apply online is more popular. Particularly large companies most depends on the online communication-to  for selecting worker in the fastest time. They took the test in online, and to verify the eligibility of workers.

So, you will keep you updated in LinkedIn information. Online application and interview or to give interviews now covers job seeker skills.

The next day, the job skills will be main vital point which cross education or experience. When CV for jobs applying will not be only medium or material. But CV is canceled at overnight. CV upload is still the most jobs.

 As well as the needs of the specific job application or cover letter is a tradition. But in the needs of mind in the modern era we should try to used a better recruitment process. The CV must, as well as keep updating their LinkedIn profiles. Prepare for the video interview. Become a well worker in the next day. That way perform the assignment, of course, you can be the best choice.


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