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How face pack now


The cold touch of wind, skin was lifeless and normal with nature. Waste, dry air, sometimes above the head of the sun makes the skin lifeless and dirty. To avoid the acrimony must need extra special care of the skin. Home care wants regularly; Many turn facial parlor at least once a month.

However, which type of facial will be suitable for skin in the weather, do not understand it, somebody. Again like face pack would be want in home, it is good to know. Some elements of these conditions may increase skin dryness.How face pack now

The materials used comfortably during the summer, it might not be useful in that time. The role of facial is skin clean and moisture provided, says skin expert Rahima Sultana. The feather of skin becomes closed dry weather.

 As a result  rough uneven coloring moves to the skin, hand-foot burst. So, a lot more facial skin care becomes necessary in the winter. Due to facial massage increases blood circulation to the skin.

Therefore, the age of the skin does not appear easily. As a result, the die cells remove, the Black Head is vanish, clean the dirty from the deep skin and gives it freshness in lifeless skin.

*Two days in a week can scrape to keep skin beautiful and vivid light. Those people with normal skin, they mixed together cheese, honey and rice powder. Rub the skin with warm water and mild skin Wash.

*If the skin is oily, honey, lemon juice, egg white into a paste by mixing it used on the face and neck and wash after 15 to 0 minutes.

* Whose skin is dry, they used a mixture of cheese, honey, milk, rice powder together with almond oil. So, the dry air will return and come  to the brightness of the skin.

* In dry skin as face pack make a paste combination of cream, honey, tomato, red flour and used for 15 to 20 minutes, Wash after. Dry mood leave and skin will be smooth and soft feeling.

* In oily skin cucumber, red flour and turmeric mixed with oily skin coloring will be planted. Who have acne; they will be beneficial using the leaves of neem tree.

Besides at night after washing hand and foot,  glycerin, rose water and olive oil and mix well with hands and feet, or the equivalent of the whole body will not be present dry feeling while sleeping.

 Whose hand and f feet got a little drier or burst, they were used a mixture a little lotion with petroleum jelly in the hands and feet.

Rahima Sultana express in the morning, one teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed and take in result will increase the brightness. Keep skin vegetables, soup or water type of foods eat every day.

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