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Eye In Eye

The new fashion is to use the lens of the eye. Many do not like to wear glasses all time. Some contact lenses are to be used again in professional matters. However, all contact lenses should not be used, according to the experts. If you want to use contact lenses should be cautious about something.

Ego Vision, Fresh Look, I Choice, Comfort different brands of contact lens is available in market. Gray, brown, Hazel, Aquaculture, blue, green is the color of the lens. That gave vendors. There is demand for a transparent lens. Transparent or colored- Find any of the cosmetic lenses (without power), or power lens.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex Eye Vision sales assistant said Mohammad Rony Says, aboutcontact lens care.

* Specified in the contact lens solution will save. The lens will be wet well. While buying contact lenses and lens solution to keep the small box (clip), including the entire set can be purchased. As a result, it will save the lens.

* The solution must be changed when dirty. Lens solution can’t be dirty.

* Three months term solution. Refrain from using the term solution is reached.

* Contact lenses are specified period. Six months to two years term to buy the lens. Make sure the lens is always about buying period. Expired lenses can’t be used.

Dhaka Medical College and Hospital Eye Department, resident surgeon Nihar  ar Roy says, Like do not wear contact lenses if you do not need. Many problems may be due to the use of contact lenses in the eyes. Contact lens element can be allergy eye cornea can cause serious injuries. Even the pain and irritation of the eyes, as well as some cases, such as loss of eyesight may occur. Even if contact lenses are Gods, then you need some warning. And let’s see know Nihar  ar Roy .

* Children and adults without the others can use contact lenses.  The cornea of ​​the eye, if anyone has a problem, then he can not use contact lenses at all.

* Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before the eyes wearing contact lenses should take. Accidentally fell from the contact lens, and it can not be used under any circumstances.

* Eye contact lenses can be as much less time, the better. Place the open end in contact lenses. Continuous five-six hours after contact lenses are better.

* Those that are naturally have to use glasses, contact lenses are powered, they can be used accordingly. However, as far as it was possible for a short period of time should be used.

* After the sudden red eyes when wearing contact lenses, eye irritation, eye pain, or any other problem or feel uncomfortable feeling when you unplug immediately contact lens. Quickly seek refuge in the eyes of the experts. If for some reason the sight of clean water may be too late to reach the doctor. However, it is difficult to see if other problems as well, in that case can not be late.

Where to find
Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, Dhanmondi, Elephant Road, New Market, Gulshan, uttarasaha stores in different parts of the glasses to contact lenses.

Price Quotes
Depending on the brand and the contact lens will cost Rs 400 from 1800. Do not buy a full set of clips, including liquefaction and will cost a little less. However, to take the whole it is safe to buy.

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