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What is the actual way to purify water?

What is the actual way to purify water?

What is the actual way to purify waterWater is remain about 75 percent in the human body. It is necessary to perform in every function of human body such as Digestive, circulatory, particle transportation, food absorption and metabolism, temperature and keeping the balance. But this water may be caused of different diseases. Actually Diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and typhoid is type of water-borne diseases.

According to speech of UN, a pure and clean water is under the nine in the world. One in three out of proper sanitation coverage as a result create many diseases. Only using pure and clean water can be reduced the risk of death 21% and also reduce

Water-borne diseases in the world.

What is the correct method of purify water, there are many misunderstand about it. Boil water, or filters, or both?

  • Boil water is the best process. The bacteria, parasites, and even destroyed all of his eggs and larva. Water temperature of 100 degrees Celsius boil for at least 10 minutes. Then making cold the water and preserve in the pitcher, jug of glass or clear pot. Bacteria attack can be put in boiling water again, if its age is long. So water boils every day.

  • After boiling water all germs and parasites are destroyed, but all the chemical elements do not lose. Sometimes the calcium carbonate in the water is boiling the bottom. All are not bad.However, due to the mineral content of water turbidity or wheat may be dirty looks.

  • Having a question that Boiling water should be filtered again or not. Boiling water can remove the harmful bacteria, but there is any doubt when filter is must. Most of the filter improves the taste and smelt of water.

  • Water is purify by purification tablets in travelling, forest, camps or in the affected areas. This method is not completely safe, but it can be run in emergency situations.

  • while traveling,home water is more perfect than buying outside water. Glass and steel containers to store water is best.

Professor Subjugate chawodury

Director, Laboratory Services, BIRDEM hospital


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