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Active at the start of a new job

Active at the start of a new jobAfter getting a new job does not end happily. However, until joining the workplace peek into the mind of much curiosity. Stimulus is beginning to improve. Some lose interest in a few days. ‘Push start’ unable to cope with depression suffer. The scope of work, working conditions, senior officer or co-worker to use everything seems hostile. If you can adapt yourself with patience and intelligence, it is possible to highlight their competence. To catch up with all yourself, you must be aware from the beginning; Will be active.

Stay fresh, Be Easy

Welcome to join in on the first day of the new job. Think about the last place you look for new work from the beginning. You come here knowing it had applied for. They have chosen to keep your confidence. So, maintain self-confidence. Stay fresh all time. Please try to make everything easier. In contrast, even though your opinion. There was not a line about the frustrations let your faces.

Stretch your hand

Stretch your hand yourself. He was known to his colleagues and offices with others. In addition to your human resources department, administration, engineering visit with the staff at different levels. Indirectly check nickname of the familiar person. Need to note. Gradually add this to the list of security, gardener, Postman even cleaner. According to your presence spread the name of the start of the day. Because started day comes once.


However orderly start

Your ID card, desk, telephone, computer to understand. Clear up everything desk details. Mail system, computer Passwords, Internet etc take the idea about the accessory. Do not forget to give thanks to all of relevant department. If necessary thanked by phone. Get the list of phone numbers. Keep a copy for yourself the list of things to be. And, informed boss.

Keep an ear steep

Offices various discussion should not be in the dark. Again, you do not always pay attention. All the things to keep in mind while they’re listening or all the stupid things matter. Because, all workplaces in a class of workers and maybe lying in one place for a long time. Promotions or benefits to achieve did not getting the desired frustrated. So the opportunity in the face of outrage blooms popcorn. The organization weakness, difficulty, including negative words, blame the boss your ears can be heavy. Stay away from them as far as possible. Run talk carefully. Avoid if possible.

To catch up with all the work himself match you must be aware from the start, Will be active. Soon the new work environment will be favorable to you.

Take extra time

No one give time, it should be taken. As you are new so you have to find the opportunity to take time. You have to express yourself carefully. May be you will get such opportunity within the works. You should be careful about the relationship with others. Don’t mind about the tea or coffee invitation from anyone. If necessary, you can call them by arranging such a party. You may take time to discuss with them during the lunch. You’ll see that your friendship will be deeper. The party can be more thrilled in the office car and additional relationship can be created easily.

Stay alive in the party

Be alive in every official party. Give your opinion while possible. Give more attention about the topic of the discussion. Ask question if necessary, ask for help from others. Spread the message to your colleagues that you are interested about the matter. You will find them as collaborative not as competitive.

All that inform to boss

Everything said to boss. Your receipt, feelings, identity episodes, type of work, the scope of each subject came up in the discussion. Even come to the negotiating table if you own any dissent. But it is not accusingly. Soon it will be favorable to the new work environment, vast.

Author: Assistant Director, Bangladesh Bank.

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