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6 tips for new mothers to overcome sleep problems

She can’t sleep for days when you feel weak physically but also mentally harmful became upset. But practice and a little patience to slowly get used new conditions. Seleni Institute for mental health care is a service organization that provides women and new mothers. The company has emerged in this study 6 step

Care of your self

Newborn physi

cal, emotional, financial responsibility, your night’s sleep can take away. Stress hormones in the brain that keeps you awake. If you want your child to always be ready for any

needs. The kid next to the bed Knock out a separate bed. Take care of yourself a little. Try to sleep himself. Give yourself time when your child is asleep then. See a story, and read sto

ry books or magazines. To calmed your mind.

Cool down

Daytime TV, smart phone, laptop, tablet can be myself and relax a little bit, but when you fall asleep at night, and you have to work within the child will not be able to watch. Convinced himself that, Now child is sleeping It

6 tips for new mothers to overcome sleep problems

will take you to sleep. So, turn off the TV, turn off mobile phone. Read asleep. If necessary, the sound of her crying child will wake up and still be able to wake up. Do not worry.


May be you prefer to eat at night, 1 mug of coffee. But the coffee is 8 hours until the effects of caffeine. Indeed, much of the brunt of the day to cope with a new baby can be carried over to. Do not eat more caffeine wrong with yourself. Try a glass of fresh fruit juice eat and sleep.

Assign someone else in the family

Give them the responsibility of the family for some time. The faithful will certainly charge. You say that you are the mother of all children do not have to take responsibility. Instead, you have to go alone to cope with the loss of both her and the baby doing harm. Being interrupted familiar with your other members. And it’s not realistic. So, mother, husband-law or anyone He put himself in charge of a little sleep.

Suitable sleeping bed

Our mothers could not imagine that their child will sleep in a separate bed. Held the baby to sleep on his bed totally comfortable with themselves, they accidentally destroy. Sexual lives had been affected. She laid the baby on the bed Baby separate peace, tranquility too. He can’t fall. Or you will not have the chance to take his father’s hands and feet unconsciously. Furthermore, it will reduce your stress, you can sleep a little.

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